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  • Last Update, 2024

Thank you for using service at Develop India Online.

Please read this policy carefully. This is the Company Policy of Develop India Online (DIO).

We can not provide the source for external libraries that you used on his project to make the bid cheaper for him. He would not expect the source from a 3rd party vendor that you used in his project. 3rd Party policy not mentioned from our side so don't react on misunderstanding and unnecessary negotiations

Intellectual property issues source code is backend of your work is design & algorithm full copyiright is only Develop India Online (DIO) should be covered upfront as part of the contract.

  • Client Data

  • Web Server & Sercurity Credendials

  • Source Code (While Unpaid)

  • Server and Maintenance has expired.

Source Code Provide: “Yes, We give you the source code for your work and you pay me the charge of lifetime source code fee. Its Project Costing 2x”

Licensing terms:

Intellectual Property laws` , Apart from third-party components and software bits you don't want to sell, nor give an exclusive license for you'd probably want to be able to exhibit and distribute the works as part of your company portfolio. This latter activity would also need to be covered within the contract.

Digital products

We issue refunds for digital products within 7 days of the original purchase of the services. For more Detail : Read More

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

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